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Mauricia Avenue Bicycle Boulevard, Santa Clara, CA

The road-diet project that was implemented on Pruneridge Avenue between Lawrence Expressway and Pomeroy Avenue in Santa Clara has won both praise and condemnation, depending on who you talk to. Some bicycle advocates are pushing for extension of the road diet to the eastern city limit. Others are concerned with the impacts of such a change on vehicular traffic operations.

In this page, we have offered a potential alternative that provides a parallel route to Pruneridge Avenue for bicycle use. This route uses neighborhood streets, short segments of separated bikeways, and bke paths. This page presents an alternative route for the segment between Pomeroy Avenue and Winchester Boulevard.

  • On Pruneridge Avenue between Pomeroy Avenue and the entrance to the tennis courts, widen the southerly sidewalk and convert it into a short 2-way multi-use path.

  • Widen the existing path through Maywood Park to create a connection to Rodonovan Drive.

  • Install a traffic circle at Rodonovan Drive/Mauricia Avenue intersection.

  • Use shared-lane markings (sharrows) to designate these streets for shared use of cars and bikes.

  • Install traffic signal at Kiely Boulevard/Mauricia Avenue.

  • Use curb extensions (bulb-outs) at this intersection to reduced crossing distance for pedestrians.

  • Install a traffic circle at Buckingham Drive and Keystone Avenue.

  • Use shared-lane markings (sharrows) to designate these streets for shared use of cars and bikes.

On Saratoga Avenue, between Keystone Avenue and San Tomas Expressway, install a two-way separated bikeway along the edge of the curb.

On San Tomas Expressway, between Saratoga Avenue and the pedestrian overcrossings, maintain the existing 5-foot path and the line of trees, and add another 5-foot path on the north side of the trees to provide a 2-way access to the pedestrian overcrossing.

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